I can’t drive 55

This might be kind of weird, but I don’t think I have ever driven out of town (over 30 mins?) by myself! I never really have had to is all.  But, yesterday I went on a little roadtrip up to Fresno all by my lonesome to see some pretty awesome friends.

I was able to gittle a little peakage at this new little man that has recently come into this world. So excited for my friend and her little family 🙂  The rest of the afternoon I hung out with Sarah & Jimaie (and John!) and well, our plan was to thrift/go antiquing buuut we ended up at Target (duh) and Old Navy. I was excited because I found a really cute dress at Target for a wedding this weekend, our Target definitely didn’t have anything cute. Score.  We also stuffed our faces with Mexican food. Nom.

Sarah drove us around town in her new car that smells amazing.

We had multiple photoshoots in Target.

We colored on the table at dinner, because we’re 8.

So I got home kinda of late last night (10:30 pm), and had to get up at 6:30am to drive another few hours away for work, ALONE! It was a really pretty drive and I got to trump around in the Mojave desert. There were some pretty flowers and I saw some rabbits and squirrels 🙂

Morning drive.

6 responses to “I can’t drive 55

  1. band of brothers

    heehee i love your fox drawing!

    such pretty pictures!

  2. Aww, what a fun friends day! Target and margaritas are always a great addition.

  3. Yay! Sunday was such a blast! Thanks for making the drive all by yourself! Oooh I didn’t know you were taking that picture of me — sneaky sneaky! Hee. I love our Target photoshoot pic. So silly. Coloring was fun! Such a cute lil fox. Looks like you had a lovely drive on Monday!

  4. driving all by myself is something I am getting used to as well.
    yay for bloggy meat ups!!

  5. ahem I meant MEET ups…not meat ups

  6. I am so jealous! 😦 I love all of you ladies.

    Also, I’ve driven many, many, MANY hours by myself and absolutely LOVE the solitude.

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