Oh Deer: A Collection

Hello there, meet my deer collection. I ran around the house trying to find them all and set them all up in one spot to see how many I have. CRAZY.  Actually, I took a bunch of photos and then went to my desk to upload them, and realized I had forgotten a whole family of deer siting on a shelf right next to my desk!!!  There are all my deer figurines, a few prints and a book. I have some other misc. deer stuff too, like some necklaces, stamps, a wall decal…

I started collecting this stuff maybe a year or so ago? Not sure. I am in love with deer in general and saw some figurines in a local antique shop, and it grew from there. I got a few on Ebay, a few gifts from friends, but mostly found them at local antique shops.

The larger grey deer you see in the photo were some bronze figurines that I found at an antique shop, but I decided to spray paint them and it made such a big difference! Love em.  The print on the right is one I got from Etsy in a set of 3 prints for our guest room; and the one on the left is a sooo cute, it’s from my friend Jimaie.

Here are some of my favorites:

This little deer family kills, me! They are so cute and I love their eyes.

Generally I don’t usually buy things that are red, but this was a gift from a friend and I LOVE how this red pops in our house next to our grey walls. I have it sitting on this big ledge above our fireplace/tv stuff. Love it’s big ears!

These baby salt & pepper shakers are my favorite out of my 4 sets of S&P shakers. I love their little spots and the fact that they are sitting on tree stumps 🙂

These tiny deer, again, the eyes!

I think I got this set of deer on Ebay and I loooove the little butterfly and bird on them, they are super cute!!!!

Hope you had fun looking at my every growing collection 🙂  I didn’t realize how many I had until they were all together – I have them spread out throughout our house so it doesn’t seem so bad – haha!

8 responses to “Oh Deer: A Collection

  1. band of brothers

    they are all so ridiculously cute it kills me:)

    dying from the red one! such a unique little gem. it kind of cracks me up! love it!

  2. Definitely an impressive and adorable collection you have there! I’m telling you, come live at my house and you can prance around in the backyard with all of the deer that eat our flower beds 🙂 hehe

    • You know what’s funny, I see bushes and flowers at our local nurseries that say “deer repellent” – uhhh nobody in this city has deer going into their yards, lol. So funny.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! The cuteness is too much!!!
    I love them. Amazing collection, you should be proud!!!

  4. oh my goodness, you DO have a lot! they are so darling. I want to find you deers to add even more to your family… I just LOVE that you collect them! the ones with the eyelashes are my favorite, I think. 🙂

    ps. oh loooook, it’s my FIRST comment over here on your new blog!! (right?) I’m ashamed.


  5. WHAT. no, that is not possible. two months?? seriously, it does NOT seem like that long. and now I’m really really ashamed.
    I sincerely promise that it shall never be two months ever again. 🙂

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