Wedding Wednesday: BHLDN

Seems like the wedding world is all the rage about BHLDN lately, Anthropologie’s wedding line that actually juuuust launched yesterday. I headed over to their site this evening to check out the goods. There’s a bunch of pretty stuff. Pretty expensive stuff.  I tweeted something earlier along the lines of “I’d have spent my wedding budget buying 3 items if I were have had this pretty stuff available for my wedding!”  So here are some things I loved from their shop:

onetwothreefourfivesix seveneightnineten

You’ll notice I don’t have any of their wedding dresses on here. I actually don’t really LOVE any of them enough to where I’d think of buying them (if i were planning a wedding, duh!), but they do have some pretty dresses.  I loved a lot of their regular dresses, and they have some suuuper cute shoes and pieces of jewelry.  All of the items above I would definitely think about purchasing if I were planning a wedding.  Those shoes with the bows on the heels so SO adorable, I cry. The awesome things is a lot of the items in the shop aren’t necessarily only for weddings, so maybe I will save up for a few of them 🙂  Or, win the lottery and buy them all. Perhaps, someone loves me enough to buy me a present?

Did you check out the shop? What do you LOVE? Is there anything you don’t like?


2 responses to “Wedding Wednesday: BHLDN

  1. I especially love numbers one, nine and ten that you’ve listed! They do have one dress I love, love, love!

    Wow, big link. ANYWAY!!! Reminds me of something you’d see a girl wear in the early 1930s, love! ♥

  2. I agree. I think their dresses are adorable, but more for a cocktail party or someone else’s wedding than for my own… if that makes sense.

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