Weekend Hike

This weekend my mom and I went on a little hike to a spot where I hadn’t been before, about 40 minutes south of town right at the base of the mountains.  I grabbed my dogs and they had sooooo much fun.  It was SUCH a pretty day, I am glad I lugged my camera out there.

A few flowers were starting to pop up, but there’s supposed to be a ton more in the next few months. I am for sure going back! Next time I hope we see some deer & bunnies (my mom promised there is wildlife there…all we saw were sheep this time).


7 responses to “Weekend Hike

  1. Gorgeous pics! I miss mountains so bad!!

  2. very nice pictures with great lighting! love the pictures!

  3. Beautiful!!! That doesn’t even look like that here when I go hiking. Of course it’s Arizona. 😛

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous day you had! Looks like the dogs had fun too 🙂 I miss being able to go on hikes, lol!

  5. Pretty! did Foxy and Dustin go too (I think that’s them in one of the pics right)?


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