wedding photos – what to do?

So we’ve had all of our wedding photos for a few months now, and I am really struggling with how I want to put them into an album.  I LOVE scrapbooking but I obviously don’t want to make a cheesy wedding album. But I really do want to print them out and put them into album in some creative way.

We also have all of these adorable cards from guests (from our guest “tree”) that I want to put into the album.  I just don’t even know where to start but I’m dying to get this started and done!

Do you guys have any creative and/or fun ideas?  What did you do with your wedding photos – just a traditional wedding album or something else?

Thanks for your help! 🙂

3 responses to “wedding photos – what to do?

  1. I enjoyed looking at my friend’s wedding album that was a blurb book!

  2. I wish I could help you here but I think I need help too since it’s been 2 years and I still haven’t really put our pictures together. We do have 1 professional photo album from our photographer that we chose which pictures to go in the pages but it doesn’t include ALL of our photos. Just thinking about it stresses me out, lol. You should have some close ones from your wedding come and help you put it together- that’d be more fun and less stressful!

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