Weekend Vintage Finds

I was able to FINALLY do a few hours of antiquing today with my friend Danielle (I haven’t been for months!), and though I didn’t really find the one thing I was looking for…I found some cute items 🙂

I found a silver glittery Christmas deer for a dollar; a super cute owl ring, and A DEER FAMILY! There were actually two of these little deer families, but I had to hold myself back and only get one (haha).  They are too cute!

I also found this rad red and silver thermos, it still has the label on it and everything! It’ll look good with the rest of our fall/winter decor – yay 🙂 I have two large vintage coffee pump thermoses already, so now I guess I have a small collection going!

Did you find anything good this weekend?


2 responses to “Weekend Vintage Finds

  1. ug, i was hoping your weren’t gonna show me uber cute deer…i want to adopt one.

  2. I’m not sure if you find these adorable little deer or if they find you! You always have the best finds! Loving the old school thermos too.

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