Cell Phone Love

I always love when bloggers post random photos they take on their cell phones. so I though I’d share some from the past month or so; a little winter love going on around here šŸ™‚

Oh my sweet Sadie, that face is to die for!
I baked these little heart shaped pocket pies…they are SO adorable! And they were yummy too!

A Christmas wreath I made the other day…which I need to fix because some of the balls fell off and broke šŸ˜¦

New Starbucks cups! Even better? A discounted cup!

Oh I also baked the most awesome applie pie ever. I used this recipe: Vanilla Bean Roasted Apple Pie. I’ve never made a pie so pretty! Actually I have only made a couple pies..soooo uh, not hard to top that šŸ™‚ (PS, I love my new pie dish from Williams Sonoma..its adorable & will hopefully last forever!)

I reused these letters from our wedding decor for some home decor. The red deer is from a very sweet friend, and just happens to match just perfect with all the Christmas decor!

Uh yeah..so I bake a lot…and I eat a lot, and like to take pictures of food šŸ™‚ These were my attempt at making The Best Lemon Cupcakes of All Time. And, they were.

Chris and I have been really into beer the past few months, a lot of craft beer and seasonal beer. Yummy.

We got a record player for a wedding gift (yay!) and I purchased a new Christmas album from my fav, Dustin Kensrue šŸ™‚ So good!

His & hers mugs we purchased on our honeymoon (from Anthro!). Love.

2 responses to “Cell Phone Love

  1. Wow, great job with all the goodies! This whole post made me hungry šŸ™‚

  2. Love that wreath! And phone photos. They seem to be the only kind I take any more!

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