Random Thoughts

Ack, I have been meaning to post all week but I feel like I don’t have enough to say. First I wanted to thank you for all your comments about losing my kitty. I am still very sad, but better than the first few days. I would cry almost every time I went into my bedroom because that’s where she hung out :-/

I had my bridal shower last weekend and had such a great time! It was my family and friends. Morgan, Jimaie, Steph & Sarah all drove down from out of town – which was super awesome! I just love my friends 🙂 I was waiting to post about the shower until my aunt sents me photos (which she hasn’t yet), but here are a couple that were on my camera.

Other than that, I am in full-force wedding planning mode. I’ve been ordering things for decor left and right the fast few weeks, so hopefully I will have all those things together soon! Only one month left as of yesterday, holy cow!
We are also having hardwood floors installed next week in our house. I am SUPER excited to get rid of our ugly white tile, I just hate it. It’s a bit chaotic doing it right now since we have SO much going on, but I think it will be way worth it.
I am going to my cousin’s wedding tomorrow, which I am super excited about! We have been dating our men for the exact same amount of time, got engaged within weeks of each other AND are getting married a month apart. And we are the same age, it’s really weird! Unfortunately for them and the rest of us, its going to be in the HIGH 90’s (!!!!) tomorrow & their wedding is outside. Hopefully it was be too bad. 

Well that’s about it, I think I am get strep throat or something…so that’s AWESOME..not. 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!

3 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Wait… you're getting strep throat too!? Oh no!! I'm sorry!I did have a blast at your shower though. Everything was so pretty (especially you, lovely bride-to-be, haha)! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures your aunt has… just be kind to me and my fat face and not post the ugly ones on facebook. kthx. 🙂

  2. I had so much fun at your shower! You looked so beautiful, you blushing bride, you! SO excited for your wedding! Eeeee it's SO SOON! OMG those cupcakes were sooo delish!

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