I’ve had a sad week. My sweet, adorable, loving, kitty is gone. I miss her so much. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦



13 responses to “Loss

  1. 😦 I'm so sorry to hear!!

  2. I'm so so sorry Alyssa. I can't even imagine 😦

  3. oh, I'm so so sorry, friend!! It's so sad when pets leave us. She's an adorable cat, no wonder you miss her :(hugs!!

  4. Oh how I love my kitty. I can't even imagine! SO SO Sorry dear friend <333

  5. i am so SO sorry. that is so sad. bad week for cats. my parent's favorite kitty Wiley has been missing since last thursday, which probably means he is no more:(

  6. Aww 😦 Losing pets is the absolute hardest thing. She was definitely lovely. Sorry for your loss.

  7. Oh, she reminds me of my kitty. I'm so so sorry!

  8. *HUG*I'm so sorry for your loss

  9. I'm sorry, Alyssa 😦 Tuesday took off for about 4 days one time but then magically appeared. I will think happy kitty thoughts for you guys.

  10. I'm so sorry Alyssa.

  11. Aww, I'm so sorry Alyssa 😦

  12. I'm so sorry Alyssa. 😦 Kitty seems like such a sweetheart. I mean, her nose was in the shape of a heart! Ugh, this is the saddest ever. So awful. Thinking about you. xoxo

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