My Uterus Hurts

My weekend was filled with cute little girls….you can’t tell me you don’t love photos of random little kids you don’t know! Yeah, that’s what I thought 😀

My niece is the happiest little gal ever, I adore her!

It was this little one’s first birthday, she’s my cousin’s daughter. SO CUTE. 


Sadly, it warmed up here a bit this weekend 😦 Otherwise, we got some much needed stuff done: bought out wedding bands (!) and picked out the guys’ wedding tux’s. Woot! 

Did you have a good weekend?



5 responses to “My Uterus Hurts

  1. I am not gonna lie I do that! HAHA. I love getting ideas. Those parents should be proud for having precious kids! It's a compliment :)You neice is WAY too precious. Precious Overload!

  2. Wow, what a cutie!Sounds like you had a fun, productive weekend. I mostly worked but was able to accomplish a lot too. You must be getting sooo excited for the wedding!

  3. Oh my word, those girls are too adorable! Maddy is getting so much hair! SO CUTE!!

  4. Maddie is seriously beautiful, I can't get over her!! TOO MUCH CUTE!! This post is not helping in the I NEED A BABY GIRL department. lol

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