We’ve had a camping trip planned for a few months now, and it was this past weekend. We’d taken an extra day off work, and although there were some last minute changes in plans – we had a super great adventure 🙂 Our weekend included: 

Finding a closer place to camp the night before we left (originally planned for Yosemite)

Picking a random place to camp.
Packing way too many things we didn’t use, lol.
Driving up to 8,000-foot elevation.
Super desolate dirt mountain roads.
Finding out there was nothing (stores, gas, etc) within an hour of the campground.
A stream running right next to our site.
And all this awesomeness

Only bad part, didn’t see any deer, booo! 🙂 Camping was totally satisfying and definitely worth the drooling I’ve been doing thinking about it for months!

15 responses to “Camping!

  1. I would LOVE to have anything that gorgeous near me,in which to camp. I miss having mountains readily available!Glad you had fun!

  2. such pretty lighting and beautiful photos!

  3. sounds like a wonderful time! gorgeous photos.

  4. I'm so sad we didn't get to go with you! Sounds & looks like it was so much fun! So beautiful! Love all of your pictures! Your lil red lantern is so cute! And awwww the puppels! Such good babies off the leash! And oooh a baby froggie!

  5. These pictures are so fantastic! I'm seriously upset about the fact that we didn't go with you guys 😦 You make camping look so fun! And I just know my boys would have LOVED running around with the pups. I think my little family needs to work on procuring our OWN camping stuff so that when we want to go we don't have to rely on someone else. But I guess I'd have to buy a house to store all that camping stuff at right? Oh boy.

  6. p.s. I LOVE LOVE that red lantern and have been trying to convince TJ that we need one in our house for decoration…I even tried to tell him how handy it would come in case of a power outage! lol

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog! it is adorable! i am totally jealous of your house decorations! and that camping trip looks like it was perfect! 🙂

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  9. Visiting via freckled nest! Those pictures are amazing…I absolutely looooved them!

  10. Found you through Freckled Nest and your blog and shop are SO cute! So glad I found you here! 🙂

  11. Hi! Just visiting from Freckled Nest… I just went camping for the "real" first time last month, and I miss it!! So fun! And these photos are great!!Hannah

  12. I love love love camping, and I'm especially glad you're drinking Deschutes Brewery beer – Deschutes is my favorite! We're going camping next weekend, can't wait :)PS. I found you on Freckled Nest and I'm following now. Yay for new blog friends 🙂

  13. Loaded with darling photos! I added second photo here:

  14. Ahh! These are so beautiful! I want to go camping so bad, it's just so hot where I am! Love,Lauren at Woodbird

  15. Popped over from Freckled Nest. Love these camping photos! Amazing!! I'm going camping a few weeks and this post is getting me more excited!

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