A peek inside

Over the past year or so I’ve seen a ton of bloggers doing this thing where they open up their comments to invite people to ask what they would like to see a photo of inside the bloggers life. Well, every time I’ve written a post to do it, someone else gets one going and then I feel like I’m a big fat COPY CAT, push it to the side…forget about it, rinse and repeat.

Well! I just got my new little friend yesterday, and want to mess around with it, get to know it a little. So there is where you come in, my lovely friends πŸ™‚

Do you want to know what our mess of a bedroom looks like? Or maybe my favorite place to eat? Or perhaps my cats that hardly get any blog attention? Or a photo of why my neighbors suck?

Ask and ye shall receive! Also, I get major sadness when I know you’re reading and don’t leave me some comment love, seriously, I have self worth issues πŸ™‚ Lol. So if you’ve never said hello, pleeeasseee say hi and ask me to take a photo of anything! I will probably start answering them after this weekend!


ps, spending my birthday tomorrow at Disneyland, then the following day going to see Thrice in Pomona, yay for an awesome weekend!!!


12 responses to “A peek inside

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!?? When Is yours?? Mine is today! I am soooo jealous you are going to Disneyland!!!! HAVE FUN! <333

  2. Hi hi… Show me a pic of your kitchen sink RIGHT NOW! Don't clean it, just snap! :o)

  3. Happy Birthday! And cats! I want to see the kittehs!

  4. I would like to see the spot where you like to relax in your house. Everyone has a favorite spot, right? Mine is on our couch, right in the corner, with blankets and pillows in abundance. So cozy. what's yours?? :)also, pictures of your garden would be fantastic. yay!

  5. I struggle with keeping my closet organized.. let's see yours! Messy or clean, I don' care. It will either serve as inspiration for to organize mine or help me to feel like less of a failing fiance…

  6. I want to see your workspace! Not at home but at your office! I also want to see your closer (hhaahaha, do you hate me right now?) annnnnnd hmm….show me your medicine cabinet b/c I'm a snooper like that ;DI hope you're having a blast lil missy!!

  7. erm, that should have read CLOSET.not closer.Well, wth, show me your closer (?) too. LMAO!

  8. craft room! your organization puts me to shame!

  9. I wanna see your turtle! And your fav pair of shoes! And your favorite coffee mug. Hmmmm. And your favorite makeup item.

  10. I want to see a sneak peak at something for your wedding!! I KNOW you've got something you can show us…. πŸ˜‰

  11. I'm so excited for you and your new camera!I'd like to see the inside of your purse!

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