Happy weekend

We haven’t been in town for the 4th in years, and it kind of makes me sad. I will miss this view:

In other news, my 25h birthday is in TWO WEEKS. I feel old already! I am hoping for a day at Disneyland (somebody make this happen for me!). The next day we are going to a concert to see my fav, Thrice, down south. It will be a great weekend 🙂

Have a fun, safe, long weekend!!!

5 responses to “Happy weekend

  1. Pretty pictures!!! My 25th is in two weeks toooo! The 15th! AH! I am hoping to go to Universal Studios :DHave a great weekend! <333

  2. YAY for long weekends! And birthdays!! what are we going to do for yours, by the way??

  3. I think it's so crazy that I've been going up to Shaver for the 4th since I was a kid (except for the past 2yrs) and you were up there too!I want us all to get together for your bday missy!! You're going to have so much fun in Disneyland and at the Thrice concert! I can't wait to see pics 😀

  4. Do NOT say you feel old turning 25! I'm 25 and that is young 🙂

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