I had such a great long weekend. I am thinking the fact that it was extra long (yay for 2 days off work!) made it much greater 🙂 Some highlights:

I found a super cute deer in a local antique shop that was an awesome deal (I saw it for $30 more on ebay!). 

I got baby fever, again.

One of my very very bestest friends, and one of my oldest, got married! YAY! They got engaged the day after Chris and I 🙂

I hope yours was as good as mine 🙂

6 responses to “Weekend

  1. Love that deer! I love a great thrifty find like that. Also, how CUTE is your dress at the wedding? Love it!

  2. you look so pretty! i've been looking everywhere for a deer like that! lucky gal!

  3. Oh, such a cute deer! And babies, oh my gosh… Maddy is such a doll.Also, your dress? GIMME. You looked awesome!

  4. Ummmm this is me, Sarah Marie p! But I'm in gmail, sooo yeah, that's why it looks like this. Just "Sarah," plain, ol Sarah. Whoever that is! Reminds me of that book "Sarah, Plain and Tall." Oh no! Anyway — awww what an awesome weekend! Oooh another deer! Me likey! Congrats to Teresa! Love those matchbooks! Too cute! And your little niece is also such a cutie! And I love your hair! Pretty lil thing! ANd your dress! soooooo cute. EXCLAMATIONS!!!!

  5. Your friend's dress is gorgeous!And you two look adorable, as always!

  6. That deer is SO cute and I just love Maddy! Her cheeks are just too much for meeeeee! BITE.

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