Make Yourself At Home

A couple weeks ago we started to put some elbow grease into our guest room. It was previously an ugly light yellow room, where we kept our turtle, always had the door closed because it was a hideous mess, and we always threw random junk in there when guests would come over or if we had nowhere else to put something.

Exciting, right? So here is our guest room now 🙂 (Oh & sorry about some of the lighting, a storm rolled in just because I took pictures, offfff course!).

We painted 3 walls this pretty green color…

I love this bedding from Target, I am still unsure about the bit of pink in it, but I love it. Need a few more pillows though. We also purchased a night stand on sale at Target, and a lamp at Wal Mart. I already had the curtains, but plan on buying some blinds still. I also need to fill the wall behind the bed with something…

Our cat was admiring the weeds outside, hah. 

My most favorite part: the decals! I purchased them from an Etsy shop, designedDesigner. I highly recommend because they were cheap compared to similar decals and they were shipped super quickly! We painted this wall a super light grey.

View from the bed.


I love these prints that I purchased from Etsy, via GreenNest, so cute. & they were buy 2 get 1 free!
This room will also house most of my deer collection 🙂
I love this room, I wish it was our bedroom, hah! I didn’t show the wall with the closet because we didn’t put the doors back on yet, oops. Still a few things to do to fill it up but I think it’s coming together nicely 🙂

9 responses to “Make Yourself At Home

  1. Ohhh, I love everything about this bedroom! I'm really into decals these days, and I'm always hunting for something awesome for the nursery.

  2. that green is gorgeous! i don't know if i have the balls to do a color like that, but you really made the whole room come together with the decals and pictures from etsy. very pretty.

  3. You guys did such a fantastic job! That room is so adorable! Love the green + decals! And deers! And the bed set! So, so cute! You've really made me want to start collecting deers! Oooh and your etsy prints look so good in there too!

  4. What a cute room! Loving those decals!

  5. HOLY CRAPFACE. I love this room!! That decal was the best idea ever, it looks amazing on the wall! Seriously, you guys did such a good job!! I am in love with your home, I need to come stay in this room and that bedding! LOVE. love love loveeeeeee.

  6. Sooo cute! It's so different, and I LOVE that. The green color really turned out nicely.

  7. I LOVE those decals & prints! The room looks great!

  8. Okay, I'm moving in! The decals are perfection!

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