Day Trip

This is for my LA area friends and/or people that have been to LA and can give me some suggestions. I am headed over to LA for the day (tomorrow) with a few friends fom the SF area. While we have a few must-see things on our list to do, I was wondering if you all have some must-stop eateries for us to go to. Because food is obviously the most important part of any trip. OBVIOUSLY!

So please, give me some ideas! I am most likely looking for cheapish places, and definitely places that are only in LA.

Annnddd, GO! Thank you so much 🙂


4 responses to “Day Trip

  1. LA is a very big place. Do you know what area you'll be in?

  2. Yeah… was gonna say the same thing as buttersandroses. But it might be fun to go shopping on Melrose. 🙂

  3. Hope you had fun on your trip!

  4. I just realized I have never made it over to your blog yet! =/ It's so lovely!!!!Don't forget to check out your feature over at my blog! =)

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