Ohhh, Fancy!

I came across this on Etsy today:

It’s called a “Fancypack” and I am totally unsure of what I think of it. I mean, I know how I feel about fannypacks…totally lame/not cute/unflattering. I am pretty sure my mom still wears one sometimes, and it’s old and PURPLE. O.M.G.

So at first glance, I am all “are you kidding me?”, but now that I’ve let it saturate in my little mind a bit, this is actually pretty cute, looks more like a belt, and really is a good idea. The only problem I have with it is that for someone that me who doesn’t really want to draw attention to my belleh, probably not the most lovely thing to wear. I think Stacy and Clinton would want to have a word with me on that.

What do you think?


8 responses to “Ohhh, Fancy!

  1. My first thought was, like you said, it does look more like a belt than anything else– at least from the distance that this pic was taken. But I'm like you, I don't necessarily want to draw attention to that area of my body with something that looks like a cross between a belt and a bow tie tied around my waist. Hmm… I'd have to say I'm not a fan.

  2. those are quite interesting!!

  3. Wow that is interesting! I would have never though it was a fanny pack…just a super cute bow…

  4. no. no nooooooo. okay i'm done.

  5. I think fanny packs are gross but this one is rather cute. I still don't think I would ever wear them, again, but if someone forced it onto me I hope it is at least cute. 🙂

  6. that's interesting..i don't think it is ugly but i don't think i would ever wear it!

  7. Whoa. I knew the 80s/90s were back (are fanny packs more 80s or 90s?) — but an updated fanny pack? That is just crazypants! But I do agree that the belt is quite cute! Yay for bows! I also agree that my belly doesn't need a giant bow on it … but maybe my pooch wants to feel special? Ha! Great weird etsy find!

  8. want! especially with kids, two hands free are better than one (sometimes none)!

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