Happy Things

  • I have been slacking at weddings things, and thus, been sucking at posting on The Bridal Bloggette. But! Today I managed to post a wee little update there, so I hope you can head over there, read it and help me out a bit! Thanks!
  • I have really been trying to get my creative juices flowing again. Over the next few days I plan to be working on our save-the-dates – I found this really cute idea in a book I have, and have been dying to get it going for a while now! I also managed to add a couple new things to my Etsy shop today, and will hopefully add another few things in the next couple days šŸ™‚
  • I am planning on doing a GIVEWAY(!) later this week, just for fun.

  • I have a whole chicken in the crockpot right now, along with some sliced lemons, garlic cloves, and rosemary. You should smell it. Better yet, you should definitely make it!
  • I had a super fun weekend that included good times with some of my most favorite people, and even met a new one! Check out our adventures over at Mrs. Priss’ site.
  • Want to ask me something? I decided to start a Formspring. Ohhh goodie! šŸ™‚

6 responses to “Happy Things

  1. i will have to check out the wedding stuff! i'm gald you had a good weekend..yum crockpot chicken!

  2. Your shop is filled with so much deliciously cute stuff!!!I'm really digging your new blog look btw, I don't know that I've told you that yet! And your wedding ticker is so cute!!

  3. I am heading over to check out your shop. I love Etsy!

  4. mmm crockpoy food, bridal blogs, etsy- awesome post! and good things!

  5. okay. 1. i would like that brown and lace thing made into a hair pin. thank you. 2. what the hell camera are you using to take your pics? i need a small digi.

  6. You stopped at my blog from Club Indie- so I hopped over to your's :)Love the etsy shop!

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