Sorry Veggie Friends…

I’m currently obsessed with stuffed animal head wall hangings…

This one cracks me up with the grandma-esque red glasses! Via themuststashstore.

And how sweet is this little heart nosed deer?! Via miniforest.

I think girlsavage’s shop is the first place I ever saw these.

How can you resist this cute little Rhino!! Omygawsh!! Via PlanetFur.

Just kidding on this one. I mean it’s cute and all, but, can you imagine a tiny deer head protruding from your chest? Via kitschygalore.

PS, the weird things I had to sift through to find some of these..yourewelcome.

8 responses to “Sorry Veggie Friends…

  1. omg. That pin is HYSTERICAL!! I sorta want to buy it for my mom bc shes a weirdo and would totes wear it LOL!!

  2. That's the most random thing I've ever seen, haha! Very clever. Although it sort of reminds me of Bambi, lol.

  3. Am I weird for liking them? I think they're cute. lol.Maybe not in a kitchen or something (gross), but a craft room maybe? Maybe I am weird.

  4. those are hillarious! i love it!

  5. A tiny deer head on a plaque! Pretty sure I found your birthday present hahahakidding!

  6. Oh I LOVE. I've been mighty obsessed with these too. I've been looking for a cute one for awhile now and I think you've pointed me in the right place. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Have a great week sweetie πŸ™‚

  7. missjennfabulous

    LOL! Too funny. Carson has a stuffed animal deer head in his room that we got for him at Bass Pro Shops… πŸ˜›

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