Wedding Talk: The Search

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve more or less known what I wanted my wedding to look like waaaaaaay before I was engaged. Fall. Outdoorsy. Evening. Lots of lights. Trees.

Image from here.

So as we started looking for places (umm, the day after we were engaged?) I kind of knew what I had in mind but didn’t know where to start. I googled, and googled…and googled some more! (Is googled a verb? Because, I really think it should be). I found tons of relatively close places, but had to immediately decide:

How many people?
How far do I want them to drive?
Soo, how much is this place?
Can people stay there? What other accomodations are included?
Wedding date!?

And so on, and so on. Kind of overwhemling if I think too much about it, but the whole planning thing has been fun, so far. So after a while I have kind of narrowed down the where, the when, and the how many – so that has helped. But the most important right now…WHERE!

I have been looking for places a) out of town, but not too far (like 1-2 hours away tops), b) outdoors, trees, nice weather in the fall, c) secluded. That pretty much puts me up somewhere a little higher in elevation, and most likely…a ranch! There are some cute little ranches in nearby places that I would loooovee to get married at. I love the scenery that I have seen and how seclucded they are. There are a lot of other nice places that don’t really have the seclusion…and while they are nice, I really would rather not have onlookers and passers-by. IfyaknowwhatImean.

Anyywaaays, that’s about where we are right now. We are planning to go to a few places this weekend, so cross your fingers for us. I would love to just set a date 🙂 And if you know of anything near Bakersfield, plus or minus a few hours, that would meet my standards (HAH, standards…I sounds like a snob) please let me know 🙂 🙂

PS, I was messing with my blog layout yesterday…does it look okay? I have never made any sort of banner/header/graphic so that was kind of my first shot. Constructive criticism appreciated 🙂 I kind of think the birds look mean, but who knows. Some people tell me they look snobby 😉


9 responses to “Wedding Talk: The Search

  1. ummm I think your new layout is super cute! I can see why you would think they look mad…I think it's b/c their beaks are virtually invisible, but they are still super cute!!! I ❤ birds! :)Best of luck on the wedding plans…I'm not much help b/c we had a backyard wedding in our friend's backyard! But I do know wherever you end up deciding on, it will be beautiful & perfect!!

  2. My friend is getting married at Holland Ranch in San Luis this spring. You should look into it 🙂

  3. Have fun on your grand search this weekend! I know you're going to have the most adorable wedding in all of humanity… I love the whole style you're going for (trees, outdoorsy… SO you)! The birds look less stuck up this morning for some reason. lol

  4. Does Fort Tejon/Tejon Ranch do weddings?? Also, try Souza Ranch/Vineyards in Tehachapi. I think they allow weddings there… I would think somewhere up in Tehachapi would be your best bet. I had an outdoor fall wedding too and it was perfect, but it was in NJ so that won't help you much 🙂 good luck!!!!!!!!

  5. Aawww! Love the new lay out!You are going to have one awesome wedding!!! 🙂

  6. I can't wait to get drunk at your wedding.Wait, what? Have fun looking at places this weekend!

  7. I love the idea of an fall wedding. If you had the lights like the picture that would be gorgeous. Love the header btw I didn't see what you had before cause I'm a new reader.

  8. Ohhhh, you should do it here if they still do weddings! I forget what it's called. But I can try to think of the name if you're interested. It's like a rustic barnyard in Oxnard. Very pretty!

  9. Oooh your wedding sounds so pretty and so you! Yay for outdoorsy-ness and yay for fall! I can't wait to read more details about the big day!

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