A Doggie Love Story

One of the first things we wanted to do when we bought our house was fix our fence that was falling over so we could have a dog. Chris had always talked about wanting a Siberian Husky, but we definitely wanted to adopt – it’s the right thing to do and hey, it’s a lot cheaper! I wanted an Australian Shepherd. Anyways, We kept our eyes on the various local shelter’s websites (they post pictures of animals as they get them in). One day we happend to see TWO huskies at the kill shelter (sadface), so we rushed down there right after work to take a look.

We walked down the first building of dogs, looking for those two dogs we’d seen online. We saw the first one, a black and white husky that was basically going nuts-o, jumping up and down on the chain link fence and barking. Poor thing. Then we walked down a ways and found the second, a sweet red/white husky with one blue and one brown eye – she was in a cage with 3 other dogs who were going nuts, but she was sitting calmly in the back. Both of the dogs had just arrived to the shelter, so they had a TWO WEEK waiting period before they could even be adoptable. If they were not claimed by their owners, they would have health and behavioral test done to make sure they were adoptable. So, we put our names down on a “waiting list” for each dog. Honestly, I didn’t get my hopes up…I definitely though they would be claimed.

About a week passed and I receive a call that the red/white husky was adoptable, and that if we wanted her, we could take her. Um, YES! But, they had to do her behavioral test and make sure she was fixed, or have her fixed..it would be a few days. Of course it was more than a few days…it’s always LONGER!!! Finally, finally, we were able to get her.

Chris picked her up after work one day, and when I got home they were sitting in the yard waiting for us. That was a year ago, today!

Tundra has pretty much been the greatest dog (doesn’t everyone say that about their dogs?). She is ridiculously sweet, LOVES to be pet constantly, gives you kisses ALL THE TIME, and she is so smart! I was scared of the breed because of the time I knew they would need and the habits they can have. Now I absolutely want ANOTHER one…as soon as we get a bigger yard :p

She lovess-errr-tolerates, her lil’ sis!

3 responses to “A Doggie Love Story

  1. Aww, that's a cute story! That is one gorgeous pup you guys have, and good for you for adopting one who needed a home :)Jason and I can't wait to get a puppy either!

  2. I can't believe it's been a year already!! I remember when you guys got her!!!Tundra is such a sweetiepie with her wise eyes 😀 No but really , i love that dog!!

  3. Aww, I loved hearing about Tundra's story! She has the best puppy parents as I can tell she is so very loved. And I agree – Tundra really is the best dog! She's so gentle and calm. It's so fun that you brought her up to the cabin this summer! WISE EYES!!!! Heee. And yeah, how the heck has it already been a year?!?!

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