Moral of the story…

Don’t go changin’ your email address.

Not only will you have to go to every website imaginable and update to your new address;

You will find the gmail does not want you to sign onto AIM via gchat (which I finally figured out how to fix while searching forums for 80 hours);

You will not be able to figure out how to update your blogger account to your new email address, which is just lovely. (Has anyone done that before btw? I’m about to save, then delete my blog, then open it up again under my new email address…but I’m scared!!!!);

You will lose your Gchat (gchat, seems like a bad word) contacts;

And people you follow on Google Reader;

And then you will cry.

6 responses to “Moral of the story…

  1. Oh no! I'm wanting to change and now you skeered me! I hope you can get it all worked out!

  2. Oh that is a pain!! I have no advice… I'm too terrified of having to go through all that, hahaha.

  3. Oh no! Sounds like a major pain! Does Google have a phone number you can call? Or an email address for questions? I wonder if anyone could help you with the transition!

  4. Oh no! I'm all set to do that when I change my name. Booo. not going to look forward to it. Also – I'm having a Crafty Swap on my blog! Hope you participate! šŸ™‚

  5. Sometimes technology makes our lives more complicated than we think. I just got into a fight with amazon this week… oi vey!

  6. Oh dear… HUGS! It is totally a pain, but I don't know that there's an easy solution. In fact, I bet there isn't!

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