Before & After: Craft Room

When we bought our house and realized we had 4 rooms to fill up, I knew that one of them would be made into a craft room for all my crafting shenanigans to take place. Well, as all things go…the craft room wasn’t on the top of the list and almost a year later, it’s finally pretty much set up! (I think I re-painted it like…2-3 months ago, LOL! I am so slow).

Here is the, um, beautiful room before:

Apparently I only took one picture back then because of the obvious beauty this room held…

And now…

Come on in.

Nope, didn’t bother to vacuum for you guys. Sorry ’bout your luck 🙂

Pretty much my favorite shelf ever. The little birdies and the cute lantern I got up at a gift shop in Shaver Lake (where our cabin is). The little dealio on top is something I got at Target a while ago.

Probably a bit too much light here. Anyways, got the bookcase at Target for like, $20. You can kind of see the black shelf to the side of it. I got it at a yard sale a LONG time ago and just painted it black. Not sure where to hang it yet. Ideas?

PS @wishcake, see the vase?! Yeah, that was supposed to be filled with pussywillow (hehehehe). FML.
This shelf is the most amazing thing ever. I got it at Michaels, but I had a 40% off coupon so it wasn’t all too expensive. See those little metal tins with the see-thru tops? $1 each at Michaels! I got a 12-pack of Ball jars a while ago, and that is where I store my feathers for my pins.

I couldn’t handle the ugly closet doors, so I just took them off. Chris bought me some shelves at Home Depot and I hung them myself. ALL BY MYSELF (I won’t mention the fact that I hung them up backwards the firt try). So yeah, a few shelves for random crap, one for candle making supplies, and one for sewing supplies. Works like a charm.

Workspace. The shelf is from Ikea. I actually got it when we first moved in, but never found a good spot for it. Uder the shelf we hung a curtain rod, which I used to put those little clippy curtain holders on. I’m hanging a few scissors from there now but I inteded to hang pictures/inspiration, etc. I also need to find a cute fabric to cover the cork board with…ahh, another project.

This tray is the cutest thing ever…yet another thing I got at a gift shop up at Shaver Lake. I use it to transport craft projects to the living room while I watch Lost 😉 My little sewing box is from JoAnn’s.

So I guess that’s it! There’s a few little things I want to do still in there but for now it works just fine. I obviously have plenty of space to do whatever I need to do. I love it

17 responses to “Before & After: Craft Room

  1. I LOVE IT! If it wasn't 10:00 at night, I'd run over to Michaels right now to buy me one of those organizers! So cute! Very, very, very cute!

  2. Oh, and my gardening secret is Miracle Grow! Seriously, I love that stuff! When we moved into our place, the previous owners had made a raised bed planter in the north west corner of the yard. It gets the least amount of sun though, which is why I think my tomatoes aren't turning red yet…anyway, next year we're going to move it to the other side of the yard! Good luck with your garden! Seriously, you can't go wrong with tomatoes & pumkins…corn, I'm not so sure about! I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. I am SO JEALOUS!!! I am now making it my mission to have a craft room when we get a house. Our apartment is far too small for even a craft nook! And I finally made a necklace this week out of a shell I found on the beach. Now if only I remember to take a picture of it!

  4. That is the coolest craft room I have ever seen. It looks like something from HGTV, great job! Can't wait to see what you get inspired to come up with in this room.

  5. What a lovely space!

  6. Ahhhh! It is too cute in there! I love all the Orla Keily jars… I'm too broke and could only afford some of the pear tea towels, lol.Loving the birds on the shelf too!

  7. You just convinced me that my "finished" craft room (photos to come) is lacking seriously in the organization department…. back to the drawing board!

  8. Woohoo for getting things done! It looks great! I love the color; it's like spa/craft room 😉

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous of your craft room! I'd love to have a space all to myself for creating!You did a great job decorating and organizing all of your stuff! I bet you can't wait to really put it all to use!

  10. Wow, looks great! Thanks for visiting my blog and following!

  11. This looks AMAZING alyssa!!!! omg, that organizer is SO cool, I don't craft much but DANG, if I had a room like this I would TOTALLY be inspired!! And holy moly, good job hanging those shelves woman!!!

  12. Oooh, love your wall color. And your shelves. Nice work!

  13. I seriously love your craft room. You did SUCH a fabulous job with it all! everything looks amazing.and no, I'm not jealous at all…. why do you ask???:)

  14. Alyssa!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Every square inch is adorable! I can not wait until I have my very own craft room so I can copy, err I mean replicate yours and give you all the credit! 🙂

  15. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm *DROOL*This room is awesome, just freaking awesome! You're one lucky lady, to have such a beautiful crafting room.

  16. OH MY GOSH! I love love love your craft room. I've been dreaming of a craft room for years. I'm hoping that my fiance and I will be able to buy a house when he gets back from deployment and I can have a craft room! Hehe.I'm your partner for the Crafty Swap!

  17. What the heck, how have I never commented on this? Anyway, your craft room is SO adorable! I love all the little changes you made. Those lil birdies are too cute! Great job on the shelves! ANd I've always loved that sewing box. I need another word for cute/adorable!

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