A big fat FAIL

The other night I was watching something on TV (cannot remember for the life of me what it was), but it gave me a sudden urge to make granola bars. So I spent a little while trying to find an awesome recipe online. I eventually used this recipe, but adapted it to what I had on hand. I basically ended up using oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, pecans, banana chips, dried cranberries, vanilla, and honey for Round #1 of Granola-Making Shenanigans.

That’s just the background to this little lovely story (but you shoul definitely try to make your own granola bars, sooo yummy!).

I’m not sure if other people do this, but when I’ve baked something or have some type of food that needs to be sitting out on the counter, when we leave we stick said item in the microwave or oven so that the dog doesn’t decide to get on the counter and eat it. Ok so the dog doesn’t really just eat whatever is on the counter, she rips it to shreds, all over the house. Yesterday it was a bag of brown sugar. All. Over. The. Couch.

Anyways! I came home from a lovely shopping trip at Ross with a friend (where I may or may not have bought the cutest measuring cups and spoons EVER), and I said “Wow, it smells like cookies…I thought you were cooking dinner?”

Chris: “Uhh yeah…the granola bars were in the oven when I turned it on to preheat”

So basically, he cooked my granola bars, which were wrapped in CELLOPHANE. Oh yeah, and he also added that he thought I took them out, when HE was the one that put them in there.


6 responses to “A big fat FAIL

  1. Oh noes! Bummer about the granola bars … but at least your house smelled delish! πŸ™‚ You should totally post your Ross finds! I wanna see! I always want to shop at Ross but I don't have the patience. By my personal shopper, please!

  2. LOL!!! oh man, what a disapointment…thinking you're getting delish fresh cookies and finding out it's just granola bars cooked in plastic wrap! πŸ˜‰ I wanna see your Ross finds too! Oh man, I haven't been to Ross or Marshalls in awhile…I have found some fun goodies there!!

  3. HAHA! My husband did this not too long ago…he asked me why I had placed something in the dishwasher in a particular place (while muttering something about ME not knowing how to load the dishwasher) and come to find out HE'S the one who put said item in it's "improper" location! MEN! =PBut homemade granola bars sound delish…next time you make them, you have my permission to bring me some. K? K! πŸ™‚

  4. I'm surprised the house smelled good and not like melted plastic! Not that I know what melted plastic smells like….. nope….

  5. *lol* Boys indeed. They cannot remember more than one thing, I swear!

  6. No!! lol Aw, that's just…. aw that is not cool, at all!Sorry about your granola bars!

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