You make me want to punch you

I wish I owned this blog: Things I Want to Punch in the Face. Seriously, what’s more fun that complaining about things that…make you want to punch it in the face!? Oh, is that what Twitter is for? Darn…

Things that are currently making me what to punch them in the face:

  • Our neighbors. (Last night was awoken too all hell breaking loose as we heard a fight breaking out at who-knows-what time…loud yelling…yadda yadda. It scared the pee out of me…WHAT IF THEY JUMP INTO MY BACKYARD AND KILL ME?!?!!?)
  • The fact that I wasn’t one of the lucky people to go to Vegas. Whatever. I’ll have to live with not being in the cool club.
  • Celebrities. Okay…I’m probably the only one that doesn’t keep up on celebrity gossip. I. Don’t. Care. Mostly because 99% of them are idiots. Last week we caught an episode of “I’m a Celebrity…” and I saw who Spencer was for the first time. REALLY, PEOPLE? It us us, who drool over their every moving moments, that make doucheness like this possible to survive. gag me.
  • Allergies. Why is it that every time I want to do something outside, I have to be afraid of DYING??? I seriously pulled weeds for like 10 minutes, all to suffer from DEATH all day long.
  • Un-ripe avocados. This really makes me cry. Why would I buy a bag of them, and want to wait 3+ days for them to be edible. WHY?!?!

Ok, I think I may have to stop myself…my list could go on forever. I’m a really happy person, I promise ๐Ÿ™‚

What makes you want to punch it??


8 responses to “You make me want to punch you

  1. rofl hmmm I would punch popcorn. The end.

  2. Your neighbors are wackjobs! HAHA!! So sorry you have to endure that! :(I wanted to punch some of my co-workers today for being dumb! Is that mean, or what?! Hope your week improves…it was DEFINITELY a Monday today! UGH!

  3. When you get an avocado and open it up only to find huge black spots on the inside. WHY must avocados be so hard to eat? I love them so!

  4. omg this post had me laughing and then I read Steph's comment and seriously SNORTED LOL!, I think I shall do a post of my own dedicated to shizz I want to punch in the face. But dude, I am sooo with you on the whole avocado thing, NO FAIR! and ugh, your neighbors. ugh.

  5. Thanks for spreading the punch in the face love! Let's make it a movement! And Raven, check out: already hit that shit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. you are tooooo funny! I loved this post. Sorry about your crappy neighbors, though… that has got to be incredibly frustrating! Maybe you should just punch them in the face…or not.


  8. there. that feels better.

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