I haven’t posted a blog in 8 days

So I feel like I should write something. Nothing much going on around here except TOO MUCH WORKING. But here is some stuff to cheer you (and me) up.

Baby time.

I didn’t notice how creepy Minnie looks in this picture. I think Maddy is going to have nightmares of a scary mouse-woman watching over her in the future – Yikes!

I think I’ve officially turned into one of those annoying people that constantly takes pictures of everything. I seemed to inherit this from my Grandma 🙂

And, I made the Internet-famous Rainbow Cake for Mother’s Day, and added a bit of my own “flare”. It was the most awesome-tasting cake ever. I mean…everything was vanilla but I SWEAR each color tasted like something else! I SWEARRRRRRRRRRRR. Ok. Yeah you get it.

Oh and I swear I am doing Steph’s 30 days of flippin’ fitness…however, my daily “exercise” consists solely of walking the dogs. I figure we both need the exercise so why not hit two birds with one stone, and that is that. I probably need more but I’m just going to have to be okay with the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and I also have other things to do. Like watch American Idol (ohhh Kris, I love youuu).

7 responses to “I haven’t posted a blog in 8 days

  1. OOOOH I love that baby bedding! And the baby is pretty cute too ;)Isn’t being an Auntie FUN!YAY for the rainbow cake! Funnest, easiest dessert huh? I agree, the color just adds SOMETHING to the tastiness!

  2. LOL!! My Isaiah had a big creeper stuffed animal in his crib when he was tiny and after I kept seeing picture after picture of it STARING him down I decided to take it out LOL!I love Maddy’s bedding tho, so pink! and I love that it’s not a sissy-lala pink, its so bright and fun!Um, that cake is ahmaaazing. It’s like my very love of BRIGHT colors and delicious foods rolled into one, yesssss. I keep seeing it and i NEED to try it!

  3. 8 Days…Phew! I go WEEKS without posting! :)Your niece is too cute, buuuttt I’m sure you already knew that! HEHE!And yumm-o cake!Oh and my heart was for Danny and now he’s gone…the finale just won’t be the same! BOO!!

  4. Oooh goodness, she is SO precious!! Those cheeks! I love it.I lawled irl at the minnie thing, hahahahaa

  5. That cake looks YUMMY. That would be cool with vanilla cake and then strawberry layers too. Mmmmmm caaaaaaake.:)

  6. I love being an aunt and also take too many pictures but who cares that’s what Aunts do. I have not heard of this rainbow cake but I love it and am going to have to make it, plus vanilla flavored sounds yummy, or maybe almond extract flavoring (another one of my favorites).

  7. your niece is adorable. I love that you’re having such fun being an Auntie. :)I really want cake now. Thanks.

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