Forty Degrees

Some of my favorite pics from the weekend:

How was your Easter weekend? Lovely I hope 🙂


6 responses to “Forty Degrees

  1. Aw precious, and those deviled eggs and kbobs look SCRUMPTIOUS.

  2. omg, how did i NOT have the idea to make deviled eggs out of the leftover easter eggs until i just read your post?! DUH! and yummm, your food looks GOOD!your pups are gorgeous, they seriously look like they belong in the snow, so cute!!!

  3. I love the one of Tundra’s snout poking out the car window!! 🙂 And the one of the 2 pups lying together is so sweet!

  4. So precious!!! I love some puppy looove.

  5. YUM I’ll take those deviled eggs thanks :)hehe

  6. what cute pictures! your new puppy is SO ADORABLE. I can’t believe I’m just now commenting on the fact that you got a new puppy! Yeesh, I’m behind!I’m hungry for devilled eggs now.

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