I have mentioned a few times of a little “project” I was working on. Well it’s been a thought in my head for probably a year. If you look to the right side of my blog you may or may not figure out what that is.

Annnndd, that’s all folks 🙂 XOXOX

(Not very much there right now…but keep an eye out for a lot more!)


11 responses to “Pinned

  1. CUTE!!!! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. So cute! And feathers are so in right now.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! How exciting! I love when friends open up Etsy shops!!! 🙂 Congrats Alyssa! Man… I gotta get on mine. I have one… its just empty.

  4. How fun!! Those pins are cute! I’ve considered starting a shop too…maybe I should!

  5. Wooooooooo! Congrats on the new endeavour!!

  6. Ooo!! congrats, that’s so awesome!! i LOVE the feather pins!!!! dangit, i really wish my hair wasn’t so humongous sometimes, sarah and i were just at target last night trying on lots of diff hair things and all the ones i love just get lost in my fro! lol!

  7. Those are darling!

  8. Congrats on your new shop! Yay! How fun! I might just have to order some goodies from you! Love the feather pins! CUTE!

  9. how exciting! Your things are so cute! I already can’t wait to buy something from your shop. Definitely adding it to my favs. I love when my friends have Etsy shops. 🙂

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