Working for the Weekend

I am in a grumpalicious mood today….tired, allergy-ridden, and let’s just say work was not so great today. Monday: I do not like you!

In order to make myself feel a little bit better (um, lets pretend I didn’t eat a cupcake and ice cream bar already…), I am just going to tell you allllllllllllllllll about my weekend.

Friday night: hockey game. Condor’s won 7-3. Score. I forgot how exciting hockey games are, especially when you get in free.

Saturday morning: Free McDonalds iced coffee (got coupons at the hockey game!), then to the dog park for some play time. Sadie’s first time at the park!

After that I pulled some weeds, fun right? I KNOW! Saturday afternoon I finally made curtains out of some fabric I bought at Ikea, like….5 months ago…not even kidding. I’d take a picture but our room has crappy lighting at night, so I’ll save that for later. Oh and I made some bandanas for Tundra and Sadie. Cutezor.

Saturday evening we went to ANOTHER hockey game 🙂 We were in free again, but got to sit in season ticket holder’s seats: front row glass, right behind the goal. Saweeeeet. Again, they won 7-4.

Sunday Chris said he wanted to fish. Which turned into me looking for fishing spots. Which turned into me finding there is a fish hatchery and museum an hour away up in the mountains. So, we took the beautiful hour drive and checked it out.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and that your Monday was better than mine.



6 responses to “Working for the Weekend

  1. i’m pretty sure that sadie is the most precious thing i have EVER seen!! i’m sorry your monday wasn’t fabulous, mine wasn’t much better. here’s to tuesday! xoxo

  2. I am going to have to agree with rachel…sadie is absolutely precious!!! At least you had a good weekend…did you get sick on the drive up the canyon?

  3. Ahhhh sweet puppy! Soo freaking adorable.

  4. i FREAKIN LOVE sadies faaaaaace!! Her hair! omg, she’s too much adorableness. seriously.LOL @ the fish hatchery, that reminds me of a field trip we took in 1st grade, I remember it was kinda smelly there! 😀

  5. Oooooh! I just want to snuggle up with that fur ball!!! How cute!!! Looks like an awesome weekend.I hate that Monday’s always suck after a good weekend. 😦

  6. Sorry your Monday sucked, but your weekend sounded pretty good. Sadie is such a cutie – you can totally tell she loooooooooves the dog park!

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