Rocks Suck

The past two weekends we’ve spent ripping out our front planter, buying new plants and things, and (finally) starting to plant flowers this past Sunday.

We moved into our house the end of September, and our house had been vacant for over a year, so the yard was already looking pretty sad. But since then it got cold…rainy…yadda yadda, we haven’t really been able to deal with the yard until now! (and now…it’s just REALLY bad). So this is what we’ve done so far. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, I’ll update in another week or two when it’s actually complete.

Clearing out the rocks, and the very convenient meshing underneath them.

Tundra is a good helper 🙂 See the lovely bushes?
Rock removal: done.

Almost there…!!

I won’t even gross you out with the amount of nasty bugs and spiders we uncovered when uprooting the bushes…SO NASTY!!!! (If you know me well, you know even the teensiest spider makes me scream and run..far…FAR away!) Sooo, this is the only remotely pretty thing about our front and backyard right now (except for these trees). Our backyard grass was all dead when we moved in and now it’s all WEEDS. Not to mention that the grass in the front is filled with weeds too. I’m not talking itty bitty weeds you can just pull out with one hand real quick-like…these are gigantic monster weeds that require a shovel and a bottle of allergy medicine to conquer!!!

Hopefully we can finish soon without my allergies killing me 🙂


4 responses to “Rocks Suck

  1. Yeah I run away at the sight of anything with more than 2 legs also!! To me, even the “tiniest” of spiders is HUGE! :)Love how it’s coming along…can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. I guess being scared of spiders runs in the family!!!Funny how we both have been spending our weekends gardening and running into a lot of gross creepy crawlies. It pays off when the yard looks great though! AWESOME JOB! If you need help lemme know. :]

  3. I can tell it’s going to be lovely 🙂 So it will be worth it!

  4. ewwW!! were there really cockroaches?? I HAAAAAAAAATE cockroaches!!! Even more than mice and rats!*shudder* The yard looks SO much better!!! It’s going to be so pretty when it’s all done! You guys worked hard!!

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