(I’ve Got Nothing)

Not gonna lie, I don’t have anything important or too exciting to blog about. Boo.

We had a party at our house on New Years. It went pretty well and was fun; however, I re-realized that as much as I’d want to have tons of my friends over at once and entertain them all…I do not like the pressure! The whole first hour or so (when about 10 people were there) i was in the kitchen cooking and making drinks because I totally was not prepared! Bad hostess. I’m sure nobody felt awkward or anything, but still. Actually only 2 of our friends stayed the entire time, everyone else had other places to go as well. My only gripe was that I made all this food and apparently nobody came hungry. (And, blogger ladies that came over last month, remember the mulled wine? Umm, i think I’m the only one that had a glass!) I think I’m much better with smaller groups of people.

Our heater at home, apparently, decided to crap out on us. Ever since we’ve been turning it on, it never really seemed to heat up that much, but I thought maybe it just needed extra time to heat up. Well, Sunday we turned it on and for an hour it was just blowing cold air. Set on 78 degrees. So, being DIY’ers…Chris got out our “how-to” book, tried to figure it out..but nothing worked. So we have to have someone come check it out now. On a positive note, I love that we have a wood-burning fireplace because it feels awesome and smells so good! We’re just going to ignore the fact that there are “no-wood burning” days in the Central Valley….I mean really, do you want me to freeze to death???

I’ve also been spending some free time playing Animal Crossing on the Wii…it’s fun, I promise.


5 responses to “(I’ve Got Nothing)

  1. We got Animal Crossing for Wii but I haven’t played yet, because I’m obsessed with my Wii Fit. Maybe I’ll take it out later though!

  2. Heck yeah I remember that mulled cider…those folks are crazy for not drinking that yummy stuff! =)

  3. looove animal crossing! 🙂 i’m sad i missed out on the mulled wine, i’m sure it was divine!!!

  4. What the heckers — people didn’t drink the mulled cider? Dang, I would have had more if I wasn’t driving! And they didn’t come hungry? I should have come over! Nom nom!

  5. Okay well in my defense that other champagne-y drink was SO yummy that I completely forgot about the mulled wine. I’m glad we got to come and visit 🙂

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