He Might Kill Me…

But I’ll take the chance.

With some of my Christmas money, we purchased a scanner/printer/copier! I’ve never had a scanner and I was soooo excited that, RIGHT after we got it, I demanded that Chris hurry up and hook it up to my computer.

I then proceeded to scan all of his childhood (and beyond) pictures that his Mom gave me. He then asked, “why are you scanning so many? You better not post them on the internet…” “Oh, um…I just want to have them.” Long pause, “but…PLEASE can I post the cutest ones???” To that he said, “why would people want to see those?” “Because they are so CUTE!” I don’t think he said yes or no, so I will take that as a yes đŸ™‚

Okay I’m going go to hide NOW!

PS, I’ll post some old one of yours truly very soon.

7 responses to “He Might Kill Me…


  2. *lol* YOU ARE DEAD MEAT! But he is pretty cute.

  3. Ooooh you’re in trouble! Heee! I love that Chris is like — why would the internet want to see these pictures?! haha. SO funny. These pictures are adorable!!! SO cute! I love all of the stuffed animal pictures!

  4. p.s. And I love that you love Jim Gaffigan! Ohmygosh that man is the most hilarious ever!!! Hot Pocket Hot Pocket! hahaha

  5. UMMMMM…SOOOOOOOO adorable!!!!!

  6. hahahaha…. these are GREAT. See, this is why I need a scanner: so I can post embarassing old pictures of the ones I love! đŸ™‚

  7. hahaha awww yeah I could see him asking why people would want to see him.. lol Cale always wonders why I would post pictures of him.

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