In the Spirit

I had done z-e-r-o Christmas anything before we went to Michigan. No decorations, no shopping. Nothing!!! Well, 2 days after we got back I was having a little mini Christmas/Steph birthday party at mi casa. Well, needless to say I got just a few things done in the nick of time…

Jimaie, Sarah, Talia, Susan, Caitlyn, Steph, and Myself.

Okay, I now feel in the spirit (Oops forgot to take a picture of my wreath…come on over, it’s hanging on my door I swear!!!). Oh oh oh, and we lit our first fire this weekend. We have a REAL fireplace…wahooo!

P.S. I still have zero presents wrapped…le sigh.


10 responses to “In the Spirit

  1. ooh I am so impressed with your decorations…and that you are so crafty and made that cool red and silver tree, and the wreath (you need to post a picture of that).we have a gas fireplace but I love that it has been cold enough to turn it on.

  2. You’re so crafty and adorable! I love it.

  3. A real fireplace!? That’s awesome. I sooooooooo would like one. I’m not a gas fan, even though they are much easier.Don’t worry, you’ll get those gifties wrapped with plenty of time to spare.

  4. Definitely love’n that red and silver tree. Where did you get those red and sliver accents for it?? Michaels? I’m not considering making one for my mom… who is hosting Xmas this year.

  5. Look how crafty you are! So cute! nd how fun to get together with all those fun friends!

  6. how cute is that tree that you made?! i love it! you are so damn crafty cool woman!

  7. aww everything looks so warm and cozy πŸ™‚

  8. That party was SO much fun! You are just as much a doll in person as you are online! πŸ˜‰ And I didn’t realize you made that awesome tree centerpiece! Make me one! HAHA!! I love it!!! OK-at least email me the directions for making one so I can copy you! =)

  9. All of your decorations are so awesome! My favorites are the red & silver tree and your vase centerpiece on the table. You are so crafty-cool!!! And thanks again for having us over! I had so much fun at the party! And all the goodies were so yummy!!! Oh, and again, your house is gorgeous!

  10. I am definitely love your fireplace.. I want one!! πŸ™‚ And that centerpiece was just perfect

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