Scarf Time!

I was so ecstatic for Sarah and Talia’s scarf exchange! When the list of paired people was sent, I looked down that list and saw I was matched with Lorie! Now, I hadn’t religiously followed Lorie’s blog…yet…*now I do! I love her!*…but, I did know that she lived in the same town as me (I remembered her face for Colleen & Ashley’s photo show). We e-mailed one another for our addresses to mail the scarfs, and found out that we lived HALF A MILE away from each other. How’s that for a coincidence? Well, we decided that we would meet up and exchange our scarves, rather than mail them.

Last night, Lorie stopped by my house and we did our exchange!!!

Thank you Lorie the scarf is beautiful, and it was so nice to sit and chat for a few 🙂 Lorie actually made the scarf she gave me…how awesome is that? I love purple, too 🙂 Thank you again, you are sooo sweet!


9 responses to “Scarf Time!

  1. Both are very cute. That is so nice that she handmade yours. This really was a super fun exchange.

  2. how nice you got to meet your scarf swap buddy, and those scarves are adorable.

  3. How awesome that she made it…it’s SO purdy! And I love the one you gave her too…those leaves on it are adorable!

  4. So cool that you two got to exchange in person!!! I’m still patiently waiting for mine! I can’t wait but dang your purple one is GORGEOUS! I love purple too. Love the one you picked out too 🙂 I’m off to read your travel tales!

  5. Whoa, how random you guys are basically neighbors! So fun! That’s so awesome you guys got to exchange scarves in person! And both of those scarves are so cute! Thanks again for hosting Steph’s party! It was so much fun!

  6. I am soooo out of the loop! I wish I knew about these kinds of things- I would TOTALLY do them! Anyone wanna swap with me? (LOL!)Love them both!

  7. I had forgotten you were paired up with Lorie! How fun that you could actually MEET and exchange. Both of your scarves are so cute, perfect for each of you. I just LOVE seeing what everyone got!

  8. thats so cool that you got to meet and exchange! oh! and that she made it for you!!! its so purty! 😀

  9. Those scarves are both so adorable! I love that you guys met up to exchange

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