The Weather Out There WAS Frightful

I’ve blabbered more than a few times about our trip to Michigan. Now it is the time to share all the details of our trip! We flew out of Bakersfield on Dec. 3rd, bright and early at 6:30 am. My parents/sister were watching our cats and our house for us, and Tundra was supposed to stay with them. A few things happened when we left, yadda yadda, and we decided that they could take her to the kennel (ummm…more like doggie paradise imo). The flight there was long, but it went well.

Chris’ Dad, stepmother and stepbrother picked us up from Detroit and drove us back to their house near Flint, about an hour away. We stayed with his Dad the entire time, but spent plenty of time visiting other family members. The week went by REALLY fast…too fast! Everyone was super nice and said very nice things about me…which was a relief!!! It’s a different lifestyle for SURE – ie., the weather, the fact that everyone smokes, his dad’s fam is into hunting (all things I was fully aware of btw). But I felt so much relief after finally getting to meet Chris’ family; after all we’ve been together over 2.5 years.

We spent a few days with his mom. You all know I love animals? She had something like 15+ cats!!! I spent my time petting the cats and going through tons of photo albums from every year Chris has been alive 😉 His mom sent me home with all the doubles of his pictures, any pictures he wanted, and even his baby book!!! (I’ll have to scan some of his baby pics sometime…omg CUTE!) His mom was so sweet, and so was his sister, she’s about 15. We spent another day with his grandma on his mom’s side – she had a GOOSE! While we were there his aunt and cousin stopped by as well. We also spent time with his other grandparent’s (soooo nice!), I got to meet some of his other cousins and aunts and uncles as well.

Chris’ sister, mom, him and me.

Chris’ sister, him, his cousin and his cousin’s daughter.

Grandma, Chris and me.

Hughey the goose 🙂

Other than spending time with family we really only did a few other things. We went to “the big mall” – which was actually very nice and I’m annoyed Bakersfield has sucky malls! We also spent an evening in Frankenmuth, MI. It’s a little German town which was decked out for Christmas, and apparently has the biggest Christmas store in the world!


Had weird things like this all over!

Us ❤


He’s so cute.

We also played lots of scrabble, scattegories, and sudoku. We did go on one little walk on the last day we were there…it was probably only like 25 degrees (HAH – only!).


Ice skatin’!

Okay so the only bad thing about the entire trip was when our flight home was cancelled. Long story short. Drive there = 1 hour 15 mins. Wait to board plane for 45 mins. Board plane. Mechanical issue will be done in 30 mins. After 30 mins up, 50 more mins. “We won’t need to cancel this flight.” Waiting. Waiting. 2.5 hours later…flight cancelled. Re-book for the next day. Dad drives back over 1 hour to get us, we drive back. 11pm. Snow storm. Slow people. Ugh.

At least we made it home nice and safe.


9 responses to “The Weather Out There WAS Frightful

  1. Looking at those pictures is making me COLD!And haha at the gnomies!

  2. We made our own trip to Frankenmuth just last weekend! {a shorter trip than your’s though!!} It is the sweetest little town! Did you get to go to the largest, most wonderful CHRISTmas store in the world that is Bronner’s? We loved it so much, its now a yearly trip for the ladies!

  3. It’s cold out here, eh?Although, I would NOT go on a walk in 25 degree weather. It’s gotta be at least above freezing for this girl.Glad to hear you had such a great time!

  4. Love your hair! Looks like a good trip – I love that sign “Chillin’ with my Gnomies!” Hilarious!!

  5. looks like a great trip and meeting the family is always a great time. glad you back it back to warmer country.

  6. So glad you had a fun trip!! I LOVE the pic of you 2 in front of that beautiful Christmas tree!

  7. Looks like you had a great time bonding with the boy’s family! Loved all of the pictures! Especially Hughey the goose! That goose rocks. Heeee. Glad you made it home without turning into an ice cube!

  8. BRRRRRRR. It looks COLD. (although I’ve been meaning to tell you how GORGEOUS you look in that picture of you two with your hats on in the snow.) :)But, it also looks like you had a great time, and I’m so glad you were able to meet all his fam so they could fall in love with you. Yay for a great trip (except for the cancelled flight. Boo. They’re the worst)

  9. I love all the pictures!! But I can’t believe you survived the freezing cold!!

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