I have a migraine. A stomach ache. I’m tired. It’s late.

Oh craft challenge. Long story short. I planned over the past week (or more) what craft(s) I would do for the Thanksgiving challenge. I picked two that I found online and finally bought supplies on Friday. Found time to take on the easy one on Sunday.

This is what it was supposed to be. This is what it came out like.

Um, fail, I say. At least Tundra’s cute!!!

Today I planned on making up for that fugly thing and doing the cuter, more difficult project. You can find the instructions here. Here are some pics:

Let’s just say that took WAY too long and hand-sewing the beaks, then the tails, then the body pieces together hurts my brain and eyes. If anyone has done a lot of hand sewing, you can maybe feel my pain? Anyways…I planned on making TEN of them (as you can see by all the pieces I cut out) but it took me 3 hours to cut everything out and sew only TWO together. I guess I’ll finish the rest by Thursday??? Riiiiight. I have a few young cousins that might find them entertaining.

Annyywaaays, hopefully this challenge inspired some people 🙂 Hehe. Sorry if I sounded like a negative nancy!!!! Maybe I procrastinated a little too much eh?

7 responses to “Crafty..Crapzor..

  1. Very cute…Your cousins will love them.

  2. The little turkeys are SO cute! But wow, time-consuming! I think I would have given up long before you did. :)Hope you feel better!

  3. Wowzers! You are soooo dedicated! Those little finger puppets came out SO cute! Adorable! And I think that coaster is pretty cool too – looks like a yummy cinnamon roll! Tundra looks too cute drinking out of that teacup! hee!

  4. Hey two is perfect! Now your turkeys can kiss!!

  5. those little turkeys are adorable AND tundra- what a cute dog. I had Siberian Huskies growing up and I just loved them. Can’t wait to meet Tundra (and you)soon 🙂

  6. Cute Turkey’s! And you did NOT fail…I like your tree trunk coaster, it’s very unique!P.S. Isn’t it wonderful how some of the Starbuck’s are now printing your order on a label instead of writing it on the cup. Much less room for error, no?! I’ve only been to one SBUX in Bako that does that, but I loved it! (BTW-in case you think I’m crazy, I can see your coffee cup in the backgroud on one of the pics!) 😉

  7. lol! how cute those finger puppets are! my boys would LOVE those! i love that tundra is drinking out of that teacup, too freakin cute. she is so pretty!!and i think your trivet turned out adorable btw!

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