Christmas Music? Hmm.

This is kind of a not-so-shameless plug for one of my favorite musical persons, Dustin Kensrue of the band Thrice. He has kind of a folky-bluesy-acousticy-awesomey feel, and ohhh I love him. (Dontcha love my made-up words???)

Anyway, he came out with a Christmas album (The Good Night is Still Everywhere) yesterday, that is awesome! And if you hate Christmas music like me you will love it. If you love it, I think you’ll enjoy it too (Okay, I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas music, but whatever.)

If you’re in the mood of that type of thing or just like to check out different music for fun, you can stream the Christmas album at

🙂 enjoy.

Oh and he’s cute too!

Since I am on the subject, who loves Christmas music and who hates it? Kinda in between? I love a few songs, but I’d rather not hear them 24/7 for a month straight!


6 responses to “Christmas Music? Hmm.

  1. love love love christmas music

  2. know you will love this!!! DON'T TELL ME YOU DO NOT LIKE CHRISTMAS SONGS! We listened to that Disney CD until our ears bled!P.S. I ❤ Christmas 😀

  3. Love the Xmas music! I used to listen to it year round! Especially love Charlie Brown’s Xmas album!

  4. I love Christmas music…in fact, I just popped my Christmas CD in my car last night. But I like more of the spiritual based songs over the secular based songs. That’s just me! =) I will definitely check this little hottie out and see if he can sing! HEHE!

  5. Okay I adore christmas music, lol, and will listen all day long including at work. BUT I have to laugh at sarah marie p and her charlie brown because for some reason I’m not surprised at all!

  6. i love christmas music!! woo!! but i do hate when people say XMAS. coughsarahcough!;)i wanna hear dustins cd!! dang me not having a computer. dang it dnag it dang it!!!!!

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