Wedding Inspiration

Because I am totally getting married soon, right??? 🙂 Lauren has declared today “Wedding Wednesday” and asked her readers to blog about their wedding, or blog about a future wedding (aaaaaaannnnd, that would be ME).

A little bit of info. for everyone. My boyfriend Chris and I have been together for over 2 years, and we just bought a house together. I get asked all the time when we are going to get married, and I honestly do not know! We’ve been busy with too many other things, oh and the fact that I have never met his family. Yeah, we’ll leave that for another blog (or you can just ask me).

Anyways, I’ve made a “wedding inspiration” mosaic, with just things I found all over the internet today when I was totally working! I don’t know much but what I do know is: it will be in fall, it will be outdoors, in the evening, chocolate brown and purple…and that’s about it. The pics speak for themselves.

Clicky to englarge!!!

Annnd…pray that bf doesn’t read this 😉

8 responses to “Wedding Inspiration

  1. Oooh, I love the purple and the hair idea!! So pretty.Hey, it’s never to early to start planning! No judgment here!

  2. Oh how fun! I love your mosaic.

  3. AHH! I love the pics, and your plans. The color scheme is awesome.Ps- I def. want to hear the story of why you haven’t met his family

  4. I think your bf SHOULD find this post — and then he’ll know what type of ring to get you! I can’t wait!

  5. Australia??? Really? Take me and you can drop me off in New Zealand! 😉

  6. I was thinking the same as sarah marie p – now he can see the ring he needs to get! *lol*

  7. gorgeous inspiration photos! i love them all. someday you are going to have a b-e-a-utiful wedding!

  8. I can’t wait! love the purple 🙂 Purple is perfect for a January wedding….. 😀

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