Crafty Challenge You Say?

Here is my project for my Craft Challenge. [You still have a day to do it!!!! :)]

Pumpkin and apple votives.
These were inspired by a picture I saw somewhere on the internet a few weeks ago.

Step 1: Buy some mini-pumpkins and apples. (Also find or buy a bucket to display them in, if you wish!)

Step 2: Cut holes in the tops of said pumpkins and apples, the size of your votives. Admire the cuteness of the little pun’kin stems and seeds!

Step 3: I decided to buy extra white pumpkins so I could paint them. I painted one black and one a shimmery brown.

Step 4: Place votives in your pumpkins and apples.

Step 5: Place everything carefully in a bucket ‘o water.

Step 6: Light it up!!!!

PS – Obviously these will not to last a week without rotting…so, I’m going to have to do this again on Halloween day…darn! It was super easy though!

7 responses to “Crafty Challenge You Say?

  1. SOOO cute! I can’t wait to do this!

  2. Ummm. I think your blog hates me! Cuz this is the second time I’m trying to write a comment — and I also tried writing a comment twice on the previous blog entry. Ok … here goes again! Anyways, your project is SO adorable! I love it! I really how you spray painted the pumpkins — and that you used both pumpkins and apples! Such a cute idea!

  3. Looks like fun!! Very cool idea.

  4. what a great idea!! this is FUN! i love metallic spray paint, ok actually i love all spray paint, its so addictive!! LOL

  5. Okay I saw this in person and it was super cute. Lova it!

  6. AAAAKKKKKK!!!! OMG I’m sooooo going to do this!!! I just bought like 12 little mini white pumkins and didn’t know what to do with them yet (other thank just place them on the table). THANKS for the awesome tip!! I’m so excited to do this! (Pregnancy has made me SUPER crafty!)

  7. Just so you know… I just carved out my mini pumpkins and placed candles in them. They are soooo adorable. I’ll be doing a Thanksgiving post w/ pics of my table scape… I’ll be sure to give you credit on the mimi pumpkin candle holders!! 🙂

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