Craft Challenge: Take 1

Welcome to my first crafty “challenge” 🙂 This is not really a contest per say (though maybe sometime I’ll give out prizes…winkwink), just something to get people crafting, share ideas, and projects.

Challenge 1: Create anything you want using: a pumpkin. This can be anything from carving a basic pumpkin to making pumpkin wall sconces to baking a pumpkin pie.

Deadline: Please post your project on your blog by Thursday, October 23rd (2 weeks, people!). Send me a link to your post and I’ll start posting everyone’s projects on my blog as they come in. That way, anyone who feels like taking on additional projects before Halloween can steal your idea 🙂 E-mail links to: parodyofanangelx(at)gmail(dot)com

Don’t forgot, share our challenge with other bloggers – the more the merrier…and you want to make me happy, right? riiiiight…that’s what I thought!

5 responses to “Craft Challenge: Take 1

  1. YES!!! I’m so excited to do this! I have just the thing in mind. 🙂 I’ll spread the word!

  2. will do! I already have an idea. Thanks for giving me some time!

  3. i hate how cute you are!!!

  4. Oooh I don’t know what to make! I wanna make something. Hmmm. think think think!

  5. such a fun idea! i need to get it together and do this!

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