I was thinking, it would be so fun to have a get-together every couple weeks or so, and have girly craft time! Each time someone different would come up with a different project to do. Problem? Most everyone lives so far away!!!

That makes me sad…maybe that’s something you can still do via blogging-I know I’ve read more than a few crafty challenges people have posted for others to get involved in. It would still be a fun get-together idea though. Le sigh.

Anyone have any projects they are working on or are trying to start? I personally have more than a handful of things I want/need to do (cute Halloween decorations, hello!!!). One thing I am ALMOST done with (started a few weeks ago…) I’ll try to post this weekend.

I also will be setting up my craft room this weekend (trying to at least). I did a “craft” search on Flickr…and look at all these craft space ideas!!! Pretty inspiring!


4 responses to “Craftiness

  1. I think you’re onto something… do a craft challenge! I’ll participate! I actually just got back from my lunch break and went to michael’s and walmart (ugh) in search of ideas… I have a few things I want to get started on too! Not enough time in the day…

  2. I agree with Morgan– a good idea! It would be so fun if you hosted a craft challenge or two for us all to participate in. Especially since you’re so crafty yourself!! 🙂

  3. I’m in for a crafty challenge. You can come over here and I can come to your place. I just dont have any ideas so you’d have to provide those 🙂

  4. ahhh i love crafts!! i am looking for some craft blogs, and I am so excited that you talk about crafts!

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