I just realized as I was unpacking all our things…that…


How. Why. Who does that?

I don’t know how I am going to get used to this or figure out where to put my stuff. My one suggestion was to get a few baskets to put under my sink. I do not like that idea…that sounds like a lot of clutter and disorganization. Maybe buy something like this cabinet? Though I’d rather have something that didn’t take up floor space…le sigh. (Overreaction much? I know..I know…spoiled….)

Decisions, decisions.


5 responses to “Just…Sad…

  1. Aww, that IS tragic! You’ll make it work though… that space saver from Target looks like it’d be a good thing!

  2. I really like that Target thingie you linked to. SOoo cute! Could be the perfect solution!

  3. Okay so I read this and was like.. umm do we have drawers? And we don’t. lol I never noticed! We use the medicine cabinet and the linen closet thing. Maybe get a etagere to go over your toilet?

  4. Oh no! I had that happen to me in the townhome we are in right now. They sure looked like drawers but when you pull on them you realize it is wood glued on to make it look like drawers are there! It was horrifying and I ended up taking the basket route due to lack of floor space. I hope it works out!

  5. Steph’s solution was exactly what I was going to say… then you don’t have to take up any floor room but it still gives you some extra space! You’re right though, it is rather odd that there are NO drawers whatsoever. I have complete confidence you’ll figure out a fabulous solution though. :)As to your comment on my page, it’d be great to see you again!! Maybe you will have to stop by our next family get-together or something. 🙂

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