My favorite everything shop is Target (uhh, obviously!). Whenever Chris and I go we just walk around the entire store, almost always buying unnecessary things. So now that we are looking for house things, I have been scouring stores on the interwebs for awesome stuffs (okay well, anything cheap that looks cute).

Well FYI: is like 80 times better than the physical store…like that is even possible…well it is!!!! If you are purchasing over a couple items, or something larger (like the bed I want), you can probably even get free shipping. Ikea is also an obvious love of mine, but half of the stuff online you can’t order online. That just makes me a sad panda. AND I was going to order a bed from Ikea, $250 for shipping. What!!! That’s almost the same price as the bed. Also, I almost always check Amazon (even if I am ordering something somewhere else) to see if there are reviews on the item.

On the contrary, Pier1 and World Market have sucky online stores. Not so good for the at-work-internet-browers 🙂

What are you favorite online stores to browse? And who has the best deals!?

3 responses to “Shopping

  1. Target online: yes! So true! And World Market, as much as I love it in person, really does suck online. Are you getting a bunch of cute things for your new house?? 🙂

  2. I can’t get out of Target without spending at least $75 so I try to limit my trips there 🙂 I love to shop online at and also They are both a little pricey but their clearance and sale sections usually have good bargains (that’s where I shop)! You are right about World Market and Pier One online – they stink! Etsy also has some awesome finds…GreyBrocketsHome is awesome for vintage items!

  3. Amen. I just got our ottoman off of, free shipping and 15% off. It was a great deal 🙂

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