And the countdown begins!

Today is the 3-week countdown to moving day! [I really just need to have a reason to talk about my new house ;)] So, for this momentous occasion, I present to you my House To-Do list. I really do have a lot of trouble not going crazy and doing all of this at once. So, please, help me plan out a time line. I love you long time! These are kind of in order from “must-do” and on.


Repair 2 windows

Repair fencing

Paint dresser/nightstand

Buy area rug for living room

Shelving for entertainment area

Buy curtains for bedrooms / living room

Buy bed

Add ceiling fan to master bedroom

New light fixtures

Re-finish cupboards

Re-finish dining table/bench seats

New dining table chairs

Purchase a washer/dryer


Buy lawnmower

Buy patio furniture

Fireplace – add bricks

New baseboards

Replace hella tile with wood floors

Get a dog

Dog door

I am soo excited to share our many project’s, before and afters, etc. YAY!

This weekend = going through all of our stuff and packing things we won’t use, as well as getting ride of things we don’t need! Fun and exciting!

3 responses to “And the countdown begins!

  1. Man, that’s an intimidating list! I found some awesome velvet curtains on sale at World Market last week…if you have one in your area you should check it out!

  2. Well.. personally I think dog should be number one 🙂 But my priorities would be: fix windows (don’t want anyone breaking in), painting (big impact for little $$), I would do baseboards when you get your flooring done if you do, until then I would keep looking for sales on rugs.. Curtains could help soften the tile too.. other jobs like the cupboards and dresser… wait until I come to town and we can bang that out in a day. It’s always more fun to do those with someone else too 🙂

  3. Thanks for your comment! 🙂 You should totally buy one of the cat scratch boxes! They’re also at Target for around $10. And they totally work! Our cats were clawing at the couches before we bought it. Try it out! We have one in the living room and one in the bedroom (clawing at the bed. Tsk tsk! Bad kitties!). Anyways, congrats on moving in three weeks! That’s so exciting! And I’m uber jealous!

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