Weird Cat

Just wanted to share with you what my cat’s favorite thing to do is (one of the many odd quirks, actually).


5 responses to “Weird Cat

  1. oh my gosh! I have never seen a cat do anything like that. It’s almost like a baby sucking on a bottle or a pacifier…. so weird!

  2. When my cat was still a kitten, she’d climb on my husband’s chest and suck his earlobe. I assumed it was because she hadn’t been weaned. But I’ve never seen one do it at that age! Wow!

  3. hahaha that is very odd indeed! You cat looks a lot like my Tuesday! So I take it you don’t use Xanga anymore?

  4. hey I started a blogspot but how do I subscribe or add people on here? It’s a little different than xanga. I can’t even find where I upload a profile pic.

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