This Took Forever

Welcome to the purse raid game (Morgan tagged me)! You’re supposed to dump out your purse and show everyone what is in it. Well since I have no work to do at work, this is how I did it: searched for the things that are in my purse online. I did have to take just a couple pics with my cellphone (dangit, I forgot to add my phone to the picture!!). These are, of course, the actual items.

1. My checkbook is ugly, so this is what my checks look like!
2. 3 white pills…that I have no idea what are for! Oops.
3. Orbit Maui Melon Mint gum. First time I’ve tried it, it’s okay.
4. Ice-Breakers Pomegranate Lemon-Aid mints. Wow these are the best mints ever!!! I have only seen them at Target so far.
5. A mini hand-sanitizer. Usually used after the gym or in lieu of washing.
6. Orange Cream lip gloss. This is the best lip gloss (clear) I have ever had. Did I mention it smells (and tastes) like heaven…or an orange creamcicle…same thing. I bought it at bath and body works, but they have different flavors now 😦
7. Dwight Schrute pen.
8. My fossil wallet. Chris got it for me for x-mas, couldn’t find it online!!!
9. My keys. They tell you that: I went to Alaska, I go to the gym, I go to PetCo, and I love penguins.

So I tag Mallory!!! What’s in YOUR purse?


2 responses to “This Took Forever

  1. of ALL the lip glosses in my purses, none of them taste good. :-/

  2. damn it girl i will do this tomorrow! and it’s your turn on scrabble!

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