Something is wrong with me! I haven’t been keeping up with posting and reading my normal blogs and websites AT ALL in the past week or two! I must be really busy at work!!! Okay, I am pretty much I suppose.

My latest project’s sewing-wise have been purses. Okay, so I bought this sewing book and it probably has about 20 actual project’s in it. For purses, there’s totes (short, long and med. length), a bag with a zipper and a small bag where the “clutch” is knotted (I call this one a midget bag). I made the midget bag first, because it looked the cutest in the picture. Of course at the time I didn’t realize that it was only suppose to be a small “purse” that only fits a wallet and keys. I don’t have a picture of this one but the style is super-cute, I will make it again only 3 times bigger!!! Here’s the next one I started Sunday but didn’t get to finish ’til last night. I changed the handle-style and added a pocket and some buttons for cuteness factor!

Tuesday night my friend Theresa invited me to a free cooking class. Ok apparently it wasn’t an actual hands on class, darn. It was at some non-profit health center type place…sorry can’t remember the name. We were probably the youngest people there! It was all about eating right and they talk mostly about vegetarian diets. We learned how to make hummus, some pita sandwich thingy, split pea soup, and fruity bread pudding. It was actually all really good, got to taste test it all. Anyways, at least we learned some stuff and got a free recipe book 🙂 And a boost to keep eatin’ healthy!

I’ll leave you for now, with a picture of my parent’s dogs who are at my office right now.

2 responses to “Oi!

  1. wow that cooking class sounds like it was cool! Next time we cook together Alyssa is in charge of a vegetarian feast :)(like the new page!)

  2. your parents have beautiful dogs!

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