I was feeling relatively good this weekend after getting my wisdom tooth pulled on Friday. I had some sleepiness and a little bit of discomfort here and there but no big deal (relatively speaking). That was all good until today when I came back to work! Apparently talking, and I don’t even talk THAT much at work, has worn my mouth out and it now hurts more than it did Friday! And of course I didn’t bring my medicine with me; I can’t wait to get home, take my drugs and lay down. No talking, please.

Also, my kitty got spayed on Thursday. She’s been recooperating with me. I’ll post a picture of her adorable cone later (which she’s managed to pull off her head about 3 times). It’s been a big pain in the butt keeping her and the younger cat apart, he likes to play roughly. Lot’s of yelling and meowing. What a fun weekend it was 😉

I baked some soft pretzels yesterday! The highlight of my weekend. This is only the second time I’ve made bread that uses yeast. They turned out yummy but they were pretty ugly (to me) and it was a messy endeavor.

This week, I’m going to try and start sewing. No, I WILL start. I ordered some fabric online and I hope it comes today or tomorrow. Aprons are my first victim. Or am I theirs? 🙂


2 responses to “Ouch.

  1. ooh, that is never fun. I had mine done a little over a year ago (all four!) and it was quite painful for several days afterwards. Hope you get to feeling better!Have fun with the sewing. We’d better get to see pictures. 🙂

  2. Well I hope you love making the aprons so much that you make me one! haha! I’m not good at sewing whatsoever, haha, so all I could make in return would be like a potholder or something lol. or a pillow. or a washcloth. (see the square object pattern here?)

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